Environmentally Friendly Silicone

          • Environmentally Friendly Silicone
          • LINEUP

          As a key material of the times, silicone meets a variety of different needs. Here, environment-conscious silicone products and technologies are introduced, along with ShinEtsu's silicone technologies, which contribute to a reduction in the environmental load, such as energy conservation, carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction, and resource conservation.
          Silicone Contributing to the SDGsSilicone Contributing to the SDGs
          Inorganic Polymeric SiliconeInorganic Polymeric Silicone

          Silicone is an Inorganic Polymer Having a Siloxane Bond as Its Main Chain

          Silicone is an inorganic polymer with a siloxane bond in which silicon (Si) and oxygen (O) are arranged repeatedly. And its molecular structure has organic groups as side chains. Because varying the type of organic groups imparts different characteristics, silicone is a hybrid material. Silicone is made mainly from naturally derived silica stone (SiO2), water, and natural gas-derived methanol and is synthesized by adding complex chemical reactions. Taking polydimethylsiloxane, which is produced the most, for example, silica and a water-derived component account for approximately 60% of the structural components. For this reason, it can be said that silicone is a material that relies less on petroleum resources and results in less of a burden on the environment.

          Comparison between General Organic Polymers and Inorganic Polymeric Silicone

          Item General organic polymers Inorganic polymeric silicone
          Main chain of the molecular structure -C-C-C-
          Carbon atoms are contained
          in the main chain.
          (Siloxane bond)
          Carbon atoms are not contained
          in the main chain.
          Main raw material Petroleum-derived raw material Naturally derived silica(SiO2
          Natural gas-derived methanol

          Case StudiesCase Studies
          Case study 1: Resource ConservationCase study 1: Resource Conservation

          Development of Low Platinum Reactive Curing Technology That Contributes to Energy Conservation

          Silicone release agents that are used for release papers, such as seals, labels, and adhesive tapes generally contain a platinum-based curing catalyst. However, because platinum is a rare and expensive metal, it has issues, such as resource depletion. The low platinum reactive curing technology that we newly developed enabled curing even with approximately half the conventional amount of platinum used through the introduction of the structure that shows high reactiveness to silicone, allowing the contribution to resource conservation.

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          Case study 2: Conformance with RegulationsCase study 2: Conformance with Regulations

          Silicone Emulsion with Reduced Cyclic Siloxane

          The EU REACH regulation is attempting to reduce the concentration of particular siloxane contained in silicone products for certain applications to less than 0.1%. Although siloxane does not cause problems for health and the environment, we developed a silicone emulsion with a reduced cyclic siloxane content according to the trend of the REACH regulation and customers' demands.

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          Case study 3: Energy ConservationCase study 3: Energy Conservation

          LIMS Materials Requiring No Post Cure

          LIMS materials requiring no post cure are products whose low molecular siloxane content is reduced to a level that can be achieved by post-curing millable-type silicone rubber at 200°C for 4 hours without secondary vulcanization.
          Because secondary vulcanization is not required, the materials not only contribute to energy conservation and reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) but also are characterized by the improvement of mold stains during forming and less fluctuation in the shrinkage ratio.

          *LIMS: Liquid Injection Molding System

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          Case study 4: Energy ConservationCase study 4: Energy Conservation

          UV Cure Liquid Silicone Rubbers

          Shin-Etsu offers a wide variety of UV cure liquid silicone rubbers, including a fast curing radical-polymerization type, a UV addition type that is irradiated with UV light and then cures fully at room temperature or with heating, and a combination of radical and condensation types that cures via condensation reaction in sections where the UV rays can't reach.
          Therefore, it is possible to select an appropriate curing type depending on the usage and application. These rubbers can contribute to energy conservation and a reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) as they do not require heat treatment because of their curability with UV light.

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          Silicone with Superior Long-Term Reliability Contributes to Reducing the Environmental Load

          Silicone is a highly functional resin that combines many excellent characteristics and has superior long-term reliability. For example, solar cells using silicone as the encapsulant material (Photo) had been used for 33 years after installation. Silicone, which has superior weather resistance and durability and can be used over an extended period of time, contributes to reductions in waste and maintenance.

          Solar cell modules sealed with silicone

          Fluid Products

          Greases · Oil Compounds

          Types and applications Product name Features
          Thermal interface silicone grease G-776
          Diluent is used to improve workability of these products.
          Environmentally friendly isoparaffins are used instead of toluene

          Mold Release Agents

          Types and applications Product name Features
          Food packaging sheets KM-9782, etc. This product is on the Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association's positive list.
          SVHC countermeasure product
          (Cyclic siloxanes are reduced to less than 0.1%.)
          Thermosetting resins KS-7202 Toluene free type (replaced with isoparaffin)

          Release Coatings

          Types and applications Product name Features
          Solvent-free addition-cure type X-62-1387 Excellent film adhesion
          VOC countermeasure product

          Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

          Types and applications Product name Features
          Solvent-free addition-cure type X-40-3326 Thick coat very low adhesion type
          VOC countermeasure product
          X-40-3340 Thick coat low adhesion type
          VOC countermeasure product


          Types and applications Product name Features
          Low-molecular weight siloxanes reduced emulsions KM-9782, etc. This product is on the Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association's positive list.
          SVHC countermeasure product
          (Cyclic siloxanes are reduced to less than 0.1%.)
          Film-forming emulsions, water repellents KM-9772 Contains no tin catalyst

          Silane · Resin · Oligomer Products

          Silane Coupling Agents

          Types and applications Product name Features
          Resin modifiers, adhesion improvers for coating agents, filler surface treatment agents KBP-90
          Hydrolysis treated
          Reduced alcohol generation as much as possible
          Antistatic agents for water-based paints, hygienic coatings X-12-1139 30% aqueous solution (VOC-free)

          Paint Additives

          Types and applications Product name Features
          Antiblocking agents KP-369 Low-molecular-weight siloxane reduced product

          Liquid Rubber Products

          Liquid Rubbers

          Types and applications Product name Features
          Bonding and sealing of electrical and electronic equipment Room temperature curable adhesives Cure at room temperature and develop adhesion
          Installation of heating furnaces is unnecessary (energy cost reduction)
          Bonding and sealing of electrical and electronic equipment, lamination of optical equipment UV cure silicone rubbers Cure with UV light
          Installation of heating furnaces is unnecessary (energy cost reduction)

          Rubber and Processed Rubber Products

          Molding Rubber

          Types and applications Product name Features
          For LIMS (liquid silicone rubber injection molding systems) KEG-2003H
          Low molecular weight siloxane countermeasure products
          Contributes to energy conservation because secondary vulcanization is unnecessary
          KEG-2017 Series Low molecular weight siloxane countermeasure products, oil bleed type
          Contributes to energy conservation because secondary vulcanization is unnecessary
          KE-2019 Series Low-molecular-weight siloxane countermeasure products, low-compression set type
          Contributes to energy conservation because secondary vulcanization is unnecessary

          Processed Rubber Products

          Types and applications Product name Features
          Silicone rubber products Catpad Waterproof silicone adhesive sheet for construction and civil engineering
          Extends the life of the building and eliminates the need for primers during construction
          Silicone pad for heat dissipation of low specific gravity type
          Contributes to energy conservation by reducing the weight of parts


          The use of silicone products allows for greater efficiency in energy and raw material consumption in many essential products - and thus reduces their carbon footprint.

          For more information
             Please visit siliconescarbonbalance.com.

          • Environmentally Friendly Silicone
          • LINEUP
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